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Since her youth, painting is for Sille"... a vehicle for my soul.".

The basic of Sille Schneider is best put into words with a quote of the French impressionist August Renoir:":
"Above all I want to paint beautiful things. There are enough ugly things in the world already, you don't have to add any more."
Her paintings are ethically and spiritually motivated. So things like the unity of mankind, the omnipotent of God, the unity of man and woman, the prayer, the reality of the human being, the creation and much more are getting discussed. The combination of the wonderful paintings with the texts, which are available in portfolios is evenly touching the emotions and the intellect. Thus art becomes a vivid and comprehensible event not only for a small group of so called experts but for everybody. Reaching as many people as possible is a very important motivation for Sille. This can be found in the clarity and the beauty of her paintings.

Being a Bahá'i (the Bahá'i-religion is the latest world religion) Sille Schneider often gets her inspiration from the holy writings, e.q. choosing a certain topic she'd like to illustrate. To her colours are not just strong visual means of expression, they also include aspekts, i.e. every single colour has a deeper, spiritual meaning. The intensity of the acrylic paint she works with underlines thei idea.

Vincent van Gogh once wrote to his brother: "The painter of the future has to be a painter of light."

In almost every of Sille's paintings you'll find a yellow sun, which stands for light, warmth, knowledge and insight. So to an object there is always more than the meaning that first meets the eye.
Having problems with her back, sitting upright is rather painful to her after a while. Fortunately she's found her way of working and being creativ in lying down.
Within a meditative multimedia slideshow Sille and her husband present Sille's paintings alternately accompanied by recitations and songs the couple performes live. With their show they've been travelling around Germany with a highlight by a presentation in a lokal tv-station of Berlin.