The different worlds

The first known to us world of the humans is the one of the embryo in the world of the mother's womb. There, he is taken care of, protected and he is getting all the abilities an organs that he needs for the earthy world, for example feet, hands, ears, eyes, mouth and so on. If we asked him, he would surely see no point in changing his situation because he feels good the way it is. Nevertheless at some point he gets so big he has to leave the mother's womb because otherwise it would get too crowded. Doing that he enters the earthy world. For him, who was used to the narrowness and darkness of the mother's womb, this earthy world has an indescribable richness of colour, sound, smell, taste, and freedom of movement. Here, he also grows and develops and goes through different stages of life: spring or childhood, summer - riping time as an adult, harvest or fall time and finally a brake, the winter. In these stages of development he gets the abilities he will need for the upcoming, spiritual world. When he has left his body and has gone through this archway into the spiritual world, he will find himself in an even more indescribably richer, more wonderful, shinier, more unlimited new world. This is life and that's how it endlessly goes on.